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I Sh*t You Not! - Adam's Going on Tour, Netflix Release, and Hope

I Sh*t You Not! - Adam's Going on Tour, Netflix Release, and Hope
By Adam Conover • Issue #3 • View online
Hello everyone! Welcome back to my newsletter, which I write to you with my own two hands and ten fingers. Some big announcements, and some big thoughts in this issue:

I'm Going On Tour!
This December I’m taking my brand new show MIND PARASITES on a 24-city tour. It’s a brand new hour, a hybrid of stand-up comedy and psychedelic biology class; I take you on a tour of some of the weirdest organisms in nature, and reveal the cultural parasites that seek to control your mind and behavior. I’ve been working on this show for a year; it’s an entirely new format and subject for me, and I can’t wait for you all to see it. Click here for tickets and showtimes; I hope to see you there!
Adam Ruins Everything is on Netflix!
That’s right, the day has finally arrived! Our dumb little show is finally on the one streaming service you actually have. It’s not the whole series - instead, a great big glorious grab of bag of 20 episodes are up there to satiate your appetite. (And after you’re all caught up, remember that new episodes premiere November 27th on truTV!)
On Hope
So, I recognize that it’s a dark time right now. Bad things are happening – things that seem very, very hard to undo, and that we are powerless to prevent. I’m not immune: In quiet moments, I’ve found myself staring at my hands, feeling helpless. What do we do at times like these?
I found a way forward in a piece by Talia Lavin:
Hope and optimism are not synonyms. … Rather I say that the decision to hope is the decision to place one’s hands on the boulder and push it forward, in the knowledge that on other hills, in other places, similar hands are working in concert.
There is hope that arises in and of itself from the decision to wake, the decision to work, the decision to write, the decision to speak. With our hands pressed to the clay of duty— a citizen’s duty to shape their country, to fight back against the ways it errs, and to create small increments of justice through that work—we strain against the weight together and it lessens.
Here’s the truth: None of us were born into a world that makes sense. Every single person who has ever lived looked around and saw a world that was fucked up beyond belief. “Holy shit, why the fuck are things organized this way?” they cried. “This has to change!” And so they set about trying to heave the giant boulder, trying to make their little corner of the world just a little bit better than it was the day before. And then, one day, in the middle of doing that, they died. That’s it. The cumulative efforts of billions of people doing exactly that is what built the marginally better world we have today. No overseeing God or Founder or Great Designer did it; we did, one by one, through tiny efforts that seemed so minuscule as to be pointless, but which, added together, shifted the boulder just a little bit.
The world their efforts created is one that is, still, massively fucked up. And the boulder has slid back many times; it is sliding back now. But each of us has that same choice, to wake up tomorrow and make the day a little better than it was yesterday. And we can do that regardless of what happens: no one can ever take that choice away from us.
Does this perspective make me feel better? I’m not sure. But it has helped me figure out what I’m going to do tomorrow. I hope it helps you too. If it does, let me know.
I'll leave you with this...
Teenage dolphins getting high on puffer fish
Teenage dolphins getting high on puffer fish
When attacked, puffer fish release a neurotoxin. In high doses, it can kill, but in small doses, it has a narcotic effect. It seems to be affecting the dolphins. They appear totally blissed out by the whole experience. And remarkably, all take turns in passing the puffer around.
(Hat tip to for the link)
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