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New Tour Dates & Adam Ruins Everything episodes, gerrymandering, and "pizzlies."

New Tour Dates & Adam Ruins Everything episodes, gerrymandering, and "pizzlies."
By Adam Conover • Issue #8 • View online
Hi everyone! Thanks for tuning in to another issue of my newsletter, typed, folded, and tossed into your inbox by my very own hands. I’m about to head on vacation to Alaska where I won’t have internet for a week (!), so let’s get the show on the road!

New Tour Dates!
That’s right, I’m taking my show Mind Parasites Live back on the road – we just added a bunch more dates across North America, culminating in a full week of shows at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal. Here they are:
And finally, I’ll be doing a live taping of the Humans Who Make Games podcast at JFL, featuring Ron Funches and Jean Guesdon, the creative director of the Assassin’s Creed games! It’ll be a hot one.
New Episodes of Adam Ruins Everything!
I’m proud to announce that episodes of Adam Ruins Everything are returning to TruTV on August 13th! We’ve got 8 big episodes for you on topics as diverse as America, Music, and yes, even Little Bugs. Tune in!
How to Fight Gerrymandering
Adam Ruins Everything - Why Rigging Elections Is Completely Legal
Adam Ruins Everything - Why Rigging Elections Is Completely Legal
If you’ve seen our segment on gerrymandering, you know how terrible it is for democracy, and you’re probably disappointed by the Supreme Court’s refusal to correct it. I share that disappointment; but luckily, there is still plenty we can do to stop gerrymandering. The truth is that gerrymandering is wildly unpopular among Americans, which is why voters in 5 states decided to end or restrict it last year. And while desperate politicians are eager to roll back some of those reforms, it points to public opinion and citizens taking action in their states as being the true fix. So if you want to stop gerrymandering, support non-partisan organizations working to stop it at the state level: I suggest Democracy NC and the League of Women Voters Maryland as good places to start.
If you haven’t been listening to our new podcast Factually!, you’ve been missing out! In this week’s episode, I talk with Mark Horvath, an incredible guy who conducts ground-breaking, empathy-inducing interviews with homeless people for his YouTube channel Invisible People. It’s incredible stuff – take a listen.
Links Links Links!
And now, your regularly scheduled assortment of things I’ve been reading and watching around the web:
Because of climate change, grizzlies and polar bears are now mating
The History of Jughead's Hat
The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet
That’s all for now! See you when I’m back on the mainland - and until then, stay curious!
– Adam
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